July 8-10th – ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

July 6, 2019

GridBright to Exhibit Grid Data Sharing Solutions at the 2019 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit


GridBright will be exhibiting two cloud-based grid data sharing solutions at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Denver, Colorado, July 8-10, 2019.  Both solutions were developed with funding from the US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

Electricity producers and consumers need information about the grid to plan their interconnection and optimize operations. Researchers also need grid data to study and develop better grid management solutions. But sharing of grid data is becoming increasingly more complex due to cyber security and privacy concerns.

The first solution GridBright will be exhibiting is the Grid Data Repository, a free library of non-sensitive grid models opened to the public at BetterGrids.org in 2017.   The Repository contains a curated set of grid data that is shared voluntarily by grid researchers, including synthetic and anonymized grid models that are created under the ARPA-E GRID DATA Program.  It employs a rigorous curation process to ensure data quality, and innovative concepts such as semantic machine learning and natural language searching to allow researchers to find the test data they need.

The Repository user community has grown to thousands of researchers in 45 countries working at universities, research institutes, consulting companies, software companies, national labs, and utilities.  GridBright has released the Repository as open source software and has founded the non-profit BetterGrids Foundation to govern operations through a Board of Directors and User Group.  Volunteers from 50+ organizations, including universities, utilities, ISOs, and consulting companies are engaged.

At the Summit, GridBright will also be exhibiting initial results from its latest ARPA-E funded project to build a Secure Grid Data Exchange.   This Exchange will enable all authorized grid ecosystem participants to securely share sensitive grid data while enforcing the applicable industry data protection and disclosure restrictions.

“The Exchange will provide a simple and secure solution for sharing grid data to help increase grid efficiency, reliability, and resiliency.  The lack of such solution today encourages untraceable and unauthorized workarounds that increase cyber-security exposures”, said Ali Vojdani, the GridBright CEO and Principal Investigator for the Repository and Exchange projects.

As with the Repository project, GridBright is using an Agile approach and engaging a vast stakeholder group of volunteers to define requirements, develop prototypes, and test the Exchange solution through multiple phased iterations.  Several early proof-of-concepts, including a blockchain ledger approach, will be presented at the GridBright Exhibit.

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About GridBright, Inc. | GridBright is the grid management specialists of the utility industry.  GridBright helps the electric industry improve grid operations through smarter solutions for managing resiliency, distributed resources, and renewables.  GridBright’s grid data Repository (www.bettergrids.org) is used in 45 countries.  To learn more, visit GridBright.com.

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