Stephen J. Callahan joins the Board of the GridWise Alliance.

December 20, 2021

Stephen J. Callahan Executive Vice President of Grid Mod and CMO of GridBright joins the Board of GridWise Alliance.


The GridWise Alliance announced new members to its Board of Directors, all of whom are strongly committed to advancing the organization’s efforts to leverage diverse stakeholder perspectives to articulate the numerous benefits of grid modernization.

“As activities to implement historic levels of grid infrastructure investment accelerate, it is imperative that organizations like the GridWise Alliance attract leaders with new ideas and perspectives,” said Gil Quiniones, CEO, ComEd and Chair of the GridWise Alliance. “Our new board members bring this type of innovative thinking and leadership to the Board of Directors. I look forward to working with the Board and rest of my GridWise colleagues to drive effective change in the industry.”

Five new, one of whom was appointed to fill a vacancy, GridWise Alliance Board members who will serve two-year terms, include Stephen Callahan, Executive Vice President, GridBright”I look forward to supporting our growing group of industry leaders that comprise our Board of Directors and continuing our thought leadership on critical grid modernization issues with key industry stakeholders,” said Karen Wayland, CEO of the GridWise Alliance. “Adding additional perspectives within our Board improve the organization’s ability to spotlight the benefits an optimized grid will have for resilience, reliability, the fight against climate change and energy equity.”

The incoming Board members will join a group of 19 other Board Directors representing all areas of the electric grid industry. The full list of GridWise Board of Directors is easily accessible on the GridWise website.About GridWise Alliance:

The GridWise Alliance leads a diverse membership of electricity industry stakeholders focused on accelerating innovation that delivers a more secure, reliable, resilient, and affordable grid to support decarbonization of the U.S. economy. For more information about the GridWise Alliance, visit:

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